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At Primetime Movers Portland, is is critical that all of your belongings make it safely to your new residence. While accidents here at Primetime are rare, we are able to acknowledge that accidents to happen from time to time.

Moving coverage is already included in your moving estimate, but incase you were looking for a little more protection that cannot be solved with extra padding/wrapping, there are other options to protect your belongings.

Primetime Movers Portland Insurance Options

Released Value Protection (Already included with your estimate)

Without purchasing additional coverage for your belongings, your items will be valued at $0.60 per pound. Meaning, if you had a 200 LB dresser that was damaged or lost Primetime Movers Portland would owe the customer $120 to help with these damages. Keep in mind that most Televisions now weigh less then 40 LBS.

Replacement Cost Protection

This type of additional insurance covers up to $51,000. Coverage is $6.00 per LB of any damaged or lost item, or the cost to repair. Whichever ends up being less. For example, if a 300 LB dresser were damaged, this insurance would cover up to $1,800 or the cost to repair the item, whichever ends up being less. Cost per truck is $434. It’s important to note that replacement cost does to pertain to televisions, or other electronics that are not boxed.

Home Owners/ Renters Insurance

Before purchasing any additional moving insurance through Primetime Movers Portland, it is highly recommended that you check with your Home owners or Renters insurance. They will often offer additional coverage for your move.

Items That Are Not Insured

Boxes that we do not pack will not be covered by insurance. Internal workings of electronics when no physical damage is present. IKEA furniture is also not covered, or any other ready to assemble furniture. IKEA furniture is not built to withstand the normal strains of moving.

Get Moving Insurance

If you need help deciding between the above options, please contact a customer service representative, and we’ll happily help you make the right decision!

Jewelry and Art would also fall into this category.