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Q? Are you licensed/Insured?

A) Yes, Primetime Movers Portland is properly licensed and insured with the state of Oregon. When hiring a moving company in the state of Oregon, they must be authorized to transport household goods by the Oregon Department of Transportation. If you do not see a moving company on the list, they are not authorized to transport household goods in Oregon.

Q) Do you insure IKEA furniture?

A) Primetime Movers  will not insure IKEA furniture (ready to assemble furniture). IKEA furniture is not built to withstand the regular strains of moving. Once IKEA furniture is moved, there is no guarantee it will sit as it once did.

Q) How can I further protect my belongings?

A) If you need protection beyond the coverage offered by Primetime Movers, you may consider purchasing a home insurance policy that will extend coverage to your belongings during a move. Also, consider purchasing replacement cost coverage.

Q) Do you require a deposit?

A) We do take a one hour deposit to place a move on the schedule. We require two weeks notice if you wish to cancel your move (for deposit to be refunded).

Q) What can I do to minimize cost?

A) Anything that can fit into a box should be placed in one. We cannot move piles of stuff without boxes. Boxes allow us to move your belongings faster/smoother. This will also protect your valuables from damage while in transit. If you would like to purchase boxes form Northwest Movers please contact our moving specialist.

Q) Where is the truck parked while loading?

A) For most houses the obvious answer is the driveway. Being able to park the truck legally is a requirement. You, the customer are responsible for for securing a legal parking space for the truck prior to the move. We cannot park a truck in a “truck loading zone” for any longer then 20 minutes. Most of the time this is not an option. If we receive any parking fines while loading belongings, you the customer are responsible for paying them as they will be added to your bill. If a parking permit is required for the move, you will need to contact the city of Portland in order for them to issue the permit. This should be done a week prior to the move. Please keep in mind that a less efficient place to park the truck will most likely mean a longer move time.

Q) I called but I haven’t heard back, what are my options?

A) The staff at Primetime Movers Portland does their best to answer every phone call. Unfortunately due to high call volume we may not be able to answer every call. If a Primetime Movers representative does not answer your call, please leave a voicemail to ensure a call back. Primetime Movers receive a high volume of spam from telemarketers. Leaving a voicemail ensures we are dealing with a client. Email is also a great way to contact Primetime Movers.

Q) Do you offer loading services only?

 A) Yes, Primetime Movers Portland offers loading services exclusively. If you are looking for loading services only, you must provide your own blankets. Primetime Movers will not load a truck without supplied blankets.

Q) How long will my move take?

A) There are several factors that will determine your total move time. How many boxes, how much furniture, how many items need to be padded/wrapped, how many items need to be disassembled/ reassembled. Other factors that contribute to move time are as follows: How large is the elevator, is it reserved specifically for the movers or is it shared, how far is your apartment/condo from the elevator, how close are we able to park the truck. We do our best to give accurate estimates but in the end it is an hourly charge.

Q) Are your movers fully trained?

A) Yes! At Primetime Movers, we pride ourselves on our policies on employment. It is very common in this industry for companies to hire day-laborers, go through temp agencies or take in untrained general laborers who get paid under the table. Moving the contents of one’s home is NOT “general labor.” One of the reasons that Primetime Movers is so successful is that we keep a full staff of thoroughly trained employees on payroll and without the assistance of temp agencies. Proper training makes a world of difference.

Q) What year was Primetime founded?

A) Primetime Movers Portland was founded in 2011.

Q) Do you move pianos?

A) We will not move any piano down anything more then five steps. If you have a piano up a flight of stairs, we will not be able to move it.

Q) Do I have to empty my dresser drawers?

A) You may keep all clothing in your dressers, as well as any light cloth items. Anything heavy or fragile will need to be removed.

Q) Do I have to empty my file cabinet drawers?

A) The bottom two drawers of your file cabinets may remain full of files. Anything above two drawers will need to be emptied. File boxes are available for purchase.

Q) Can you disassemble any of my furniture?

A) Yes. Please make sure to tell your move coordinator what items you would like assistance with so the time needed can be factored into your estimate. Primetime Movers will only reassemble items that they disassembled, so please do not attempt to take something apart yourself if you feel you may need help putting it back together.

Q) Do you offer shrink wrapping?

A) Yes, we do offer shrink wrapping services to protect your items during your move.

Q) Does everything need to be in a box?

A) All small items, including electronics, need to be in boxes with lids that are taped shut. Pictures and table lamps will also need to be in boxes, which are available for purchase from Primetime Movers.

Q) Do you charge from office or time or arrival?

A) We charge to and from our office off of 74th AVE in Tigard.

Q) Do you operate on Sunday’s?

A) Primetime Movers does not operate on Sundays.

Q) I wasn’t satisfied with my move. What are my options?

A) If you feel Primetime Movers did not live up to your expectations, please call a customer representative. We strive for greatness, and will not leave an unhappy customer hanging.

Helpful Hints
Primetime Movers Portland will not assist you in moving Flammable, Hazardous or Perishable Items. Please pack them so you are ready to carry them with you on moving day. If you’re not sure if an item qualifies, please ask your Move Coordinator. More helpful resources can be found at-

Flammables and Hazardous Items
Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Aerosol
  • Batteries
  • Charcoal
  • Cleaning Products
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gasoline
  • Lamp/Motor Oils
  • Nail Polish/Remover
  • Pesticide Products
  • Propane Tanks
  • Ammunition
  • Bleach
  • Chemistry Sets
  • Fireworks
  • Fertilizers
  • Kerosene
  • Matches
  • Paint/Paint Thinner
  • Poisons

Perishable Items
Include but are not limited to the following:

  • All Frozen Foods
  • Any Opened Food Items
  • Plants
  • Any Items Requiring Refrigeration
  • Any Liquids in Glass Containers
  • Meats
  • Produce

You may wish to keep some/all of the following items with you in lieu of transporting them through a carrier due to the sentimental value and personal importance:

  • Travel Itinerary/Tickets
  • Jewelry
  • Deeds
  • Checkbook/Unused Checks
  • Financial Records
  • Back-up Disks
  • Credit Cards
  • Stamp/Coin Collections
  • Passports
  • Stocks/Bonds/IRAs/CDs
  • Computers

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